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Climax Quicker And Longer With These Sex Toys

Climax Quicker And Longer With These Sex Toys

According to the Population Research Institue, approximately 50% of women can’t orgasm from penetrative sex alone, meaning without the help of oral sex, sex toys or a skilful hand. 10-40% of that 50% struggle to reach climax even with additional support. But with the advances in technology in sex toys for women, the results are getting better. 

If you climax easier or solely with the help of a sex toy, you should incorporate that into your foreplay or sex life. If you’re shy or think of it as taboo consider this - If you’re baking a cake you wouldn’t think twice about using a mixer, would you? I mean, you could beat your arm numb to get the same results (the cake mixing now) but why not use the tech? A sex toy is nothing other than a tool designed for a specific purpose, and there’s no shame in using it. 

clinical study by Neuroscientist Dr Nicole Prause concluded that orgasms with a vibrator lasted longer than stimulation by hand, oral or penetrative sex, a whopping 7 second on average. Don’t think 7 seconds is long? Try screaming for 7 seconds and see what happens. 

So, what are the best sex toys to make you climax longer and quicker? Vibrators! Yes, good old vibrators were used in Dr Nicole’s study. But why vibrators?

Firstly, there are hundreds of vibrators to pick from to suit your needs in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes too many, but we’ll get to that.

Secondly, vibrators are made from velvety-soft silicone.

Silicone holds body temperature exceptionally well, and in most cases, you can heat your vibrator with warm water for a more realistic feel before getting things on. The great thing about silicone is that it transfers vibrations better than any other material, which is why it’s the quintessential material used for vibrators. Plus, it reduces noise levels. If you have a plastic vibrator, like some bullet vibrators, you could wake up the dogs on a quiet night. 

However, not all vibrators are created equally. The scope and range of vibrators are enough to confuse anyone. In theory, all commercially available vibrators should have enough power to do the job. The big question is whether you want to use it externally or internally or both. 

Which is why we’ve created a list of the three best tried and tested vibrators on the market, and we’ll start with the vibrator that was used by the participants in Dr Nicole Prause’s a.k.a. Dr Orgasm’s study:

1. The Rabbit Vibrator

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Rabbit vibrators have been around for a while now and are considered to be the best all-round vibrator on the market. The rabbit used in Dr Orgasm’s study was a Happy Rabbit Slimline Curve vibrator manufactured by Lovehoney in the UK. 

The slim curved shaft of the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Slimline Curve is designed to stimulate the G-spot gently. At the same time, the thick, soft bunny ears surround the clitoral area with powerful vibrations which provides both clitoral and internal stimulation. 

This particular rabbit is powered by dual motors that are independently operated using a two-button panel with 15 vibration modes so you can find what vibration works for you. The slightly slimmer shaft allows for a bit more manoeuvrability while the curved tip which hits the G-spot with pinpoint precision. Plus it’s waterproof! Not sure about the G-Spot or orgasms? Learn more about it in our article, The Inner Workings of The Female Orgasm

2. The Wand Vibrator

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The Wand vibrator or “Magic Wand” is considered by many to be the cornerstone of any sex toy collection. Initially intended to be a body massager, it wasn’t long before overworked women realised it was suitable for much more than sore backs and tense shoulders.

Hitachi made the wand famous back in the sixties, but there have been some pretty interesting wands to hit the market since. At nearly 43 cm tall and a massive 11.4 cm head, the Wanachi Mega Massager is the biggest wand in the world. However, we’d recommend going with something a bit more regular-sized like the Palm Power Massager.


3. Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator


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The Rolls Royce of rabbit vibrators from Lovehoney, the Happy Rabbit Realistic Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator is basically a regular rabbit vibrator’s naughty cousin. It has all the same features as a regular rabbit vibrator, but the front part of the vibrator performs a thrusting motion forward and backwards on top of the vibrations. 

Known as one of the most realistic vibrators ever made (if you discount the fact that it has rabbit ears) the combination of thrusting and vibrations can only help to gain the extra seven seconds. 

Final Tip - Try Edging

Edging is a technique that involves deliberately stopping right as you edge towards orgasm, and as soon as you have it under control, you continue stimulation. The method emphasises building up pleasure while staying with the sensations rather than rushing to a climax. How long you pause will depend on you, it might be seconds, minutes, or in intervals throughout the day. When you finally orgasm, it will come quickly, and it will be more intense. This works particularly well when you’re expecting a hot evening. 

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