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About Lizzy Bliss


We are proud sexual happiness & equality advocates in SA, here to close the orgasm gap one orgasm (or multiple) at a time.

Lizzy Bliss is a thought leader in sexual happiness and wellness in South Africa. We ship all our packages gift-wrapped, which we put inside a boring brown box and then seal it in a plastic shipping bag, directly from our warehouse to your door.  

Buying sex toys in South Africa used to be all about male-centric websites and dark shops with pornographic images and packaging. Gone are the days of seedy sex shops with neon lights and dark doors. 

Lifelong friends Joanna and Hannah (you can’t make this stuff up) decided it was time things changed - there’s a need for a new era of sex toy awareness in SA. 

Technology makes everything easier and accessible, so why not sex and orgasms. We’re here to make your sex life even more fulfilling and fun and, more importantly, accessible and open to everyone. 


About us Lizzy Bliss

Joanna left South Africa at the age of 18 and never planned to return. Her journey started in Germany, and she has since been to over 70 countries around the world.

Having grown up in Joburg, she couldn’t wait to get away from what she believed was an overly conservative upbringing. Her time in Europe opened her eyes to the world of frank conversations about all things sex and sex-related.

“From pubs in London to terrace cafes in France, nobody seemed ashamed to talk about sex or their sex life. It took some getting used to, but it was liberating” 

Her travels eventually led her to China, and with her newfound open-mindedness, she landed a job promoting sex toys for a manufacturer. This put her in a factory producing a variety of sex toys. The jokes were endless, and the vibrators were cheap. Life was good. But eventually, her longing for Africa pulled at her heartstrings, and she inevitably returned home.

Armed with worldly experience and a healthy knowledge of sex toys, Joanna had a vision for a startup in South Africa. She went straight from the airport and cornered Hannah with the idea of Lizzy Bliss. Hannah needed no convincing, and Lizzy Bliss was born.  

Joanna’s goal for Lizzy Bliss “No s**t, I want Lizzy Bliss to be a household name in South Africa. Even if it’s only a husky whisper.” 

Favourite movie quote “This is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules." - The Big Lebowski

Favourite Toy “Anything in the shape or form of a wand, just call me a Harry Potter fan if you like.” 



Upon completing her studies in South-Africa, Hannah embarked on what was supposed to be a one year working holiday in Europe. It wasn't long before she fell in love with the liberal, open-minded way of life that seemed a world apart from her conservative 
upbringing in South-Africa. 

Nearly a decade later, after working in nightclubs in Berlin, marketing sex toys in Paris, and later working for an IT company in Madrid with her good friend Joanna, she decided it's time to move back to sunny South-Africa. 

“It was like going back in time, South-Africa needed a sexual revolution 

She loved being back in her home country, but it took a bit of getting used to. South-Africans are conservative and that needed to change, so when Joanna brought up the idea of selling sex toys, it was a no brainer.   

Hannah’s goal for Lizzy Bliss “To help women take ownership of their sexuality, make their own choices, and to close the orgasm gap. Men are also allowed to benefit a little” 

Favourite movie quote “I'll have what she's having" - When Harry Met Sally

Favourite Toy “When I'm alone, the Lelo Ina Wave. With my partner, nothing beats a toy that sucks”