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Discreet Packaging & Delivery

Lizzy Bliss Understands the need for discretion. Which is why the words "Lizzy Bliss" won't appear on any Packaging, Waybills, Bank or Card Statements.

There is no reference to the type of products or the nature of your shopping listed anywhere. We don't include an invoice in your package, instead we email this to you separately. It's like it never happened. 

If you want anyone to know about the awesome new toys you bought from Lizzy Bliss, you'll have to tell them yourself. Or have a little show and tell if you like, but it's up to you.

  • Product Packaging is Plain and Unmarked
  • All Packages are Sealed and 100% Discreet
  • Product Packaging is Sanitised before Shipment
  • Delivery Takes Between 1-2 Working Days
  • Shipping is FREE for All Orders Over R750 
All our packages are Plain and Sealed and can be delivered anywhere without anyone knowing what's in the box. Lizzy Bliss regularly delivers packages to offices and various places of work, even shared office spaces!


This is what you can expect: 

Don’t let the plain unmarked packaging fool you, there’s a lot of goodness inside!

discreet sex toy packaging

Your package will be delivered in a plain, unmarked courier bag by a friendly South-African courier.
Please Note: The courier receives the package already sealed and will have absolutely no idea what's inside your bag.

discreet sex toy packaging

Once you open your bag, you will find a plain, unmarked, sealed box inside.
See where we're going with this?

discreet sex toy packaging

The first time you see anything even remotely resembling Lizzy Bliss is when you open your sealed box.

discreet sex toy packaging

Did we mention that every toy from Lizzy Bliss comes Beautifully Wrapped, Free of Charge?

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us directly.

  • Fast + Free Shipping

  • Privacy + Security

  • Secure Payment