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Remote Control Sex Toys - Here's The Lowdown

Remote Control Sex Toys - Here's The Lowdown

Adult remote control toys are taking the world by storm, and we’re not talking about toy cars or Scalextric here. Remote control sex toys (or Teledildonics, as they’re affectionately known) is one of the fastest-growing categories in the sex toy industry, and there’s little reason to wonder why.

Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, and never has it been more necessary for technology to step up to the plate. With social distancing being the norm, many couples and lovers have had to start thinking outside of the box to keep things spicy in the bedroom.


Sex Toy Boom 


Lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic may have taken their toll on businesses all over the world over the last year, but the sex toy industry is one of few that has seen a dramatic increase in sales, especially online.

Adult novelty companies, large and small, have seen record sales during this period, with most of the growth coming from the sale of internet, Wifi, Bluetooth, or remote operated toys.

Thanks to modern technology, and massive public demand, there have never been more options for couples wanting to take their sex lives online, regardless of whether it’s due to social distancing or just because it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

If you think your love life could do with a bit of Tech help, these are some of your options:


Remote Control Toys

Good old-fashioned remote control adult toys have been around for a while, but nowadays, they’re a lot more refined than they used to be. A good example of this would be remote controlled vibrating panties (Lovehoney makes a great set) 


The panties have a little pocket in the gusset into which you slip a tiny bullet vibrator so that it fits snugly against your clitoris. The bullet vibrator is then controlled by a battery-operated remote that can be controlled by yourself or someone else from up to 30 meters away with no one any the wiser.

There are many other options available, such as remote control cock rings and couples vibrators. The latter proves to be immensely popular as both partners can feel the vibrations during intercourse. If you’ve ever had a TV without a remote, you’ll probably agree that remote controls make everything better.

While this type of vibrator won’t solve your problems if you’re on different continents, it’s guaranteed to make your next dinner party or family gathering a lot more exciting.


Whether they work with Wifi, Bluetooth, or an app on your phone, Teledildonics is the buzzword in the sex toy industry at the moment. One of the first companies to pioneer modern communication technology into adult toys was Canadian-based We-Vibe. They aimed to produce couple-friendly sex toys that can be controlled over long distances. A great example of this is the We-Vibe Unite.

we vibe unite

When a 1998 patent on “interactive virtual control of sexual aids” expired in 2018, it wasn’t long before other manufacturers like Lovehoney and Lelo jumped onto the bandwagon, and today you can get anything from app-controlled rabbit vibrators to smart kegel balls that work out a custom training routine based on how tight you grip them. 

It’s no wonder then that there has been such a rise in the sale of app-controlled adult toys. Being able to control the speed, vibration pattern, or even the heat settings on your partner’s vibrator from halfway around the world is a far cry from good old-fashioned phone sex.

Some of the more premium models even give you the option of having virtual sex via secure video apps on your smartphone, which means there’s zero chance of you accidentally broadcasting your sexual escapades on Zoom or Skype. 

While a remote control sex toy will never live up to the feeling of having your partner with you, it can come really damn close. Next time you’re feeling in the mood for a little bit of excitement but can’t be with your partner physically, why not enlist the help of 21st-century technology?

Pro Tip: These toys all work equally well even if you’re not apart from each other


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