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Part two of The Inner Workings of the Female Orgasm Explained. You can read part 1 here.

Multiple Orgasms

For those of you that haven’t experienced it before, multiple orgasms are real and possible. 

Some women experience several distinct orgasms during one sexual session. These orgasms can be separated by minutes and levels of building arousal or as a continuously orgasmic state; the latter is rarer.  They’ll have a single orgasm and before it’s gone another orgasm comes. It’s like a rollercoaster that doesn’t stop, just as you reach the top you dip right in again. This is also referred to as “stacking orgasms”.

A lot of people are happy with a single orgasm per session; others prefer to keep the train rolling. Much of this has to do with mindset. Often we don’t realise what our bodies are capable of until we push things further. 

Orgasms used to be a taboo topic, and there was no emphasis placed on the female orgasm leading many to believe it wasn’t necessary or beneficial. In short, it used to be a man’s world. But, the fact is that more is better and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you can knock them out of the park, then there’s nothing health-wise stopping you.

This type of hyperarousal can be challenging to achieve, but the good news is that if you haven’t experienced multiple orgasms before it could be within your reach. With a bit of good advice and hard work, no pun intended, multiple orgasms can happen for you, which segues nicely into our next topic, sex toys. 

Sex Toys for Orgasms

Sex toys have one primary function to bring you to orgasm. The best part is that most sex toys have been designed for women! Adult toys were pretty basic until the invention of the vibrator, and for those who grew up in the ’80s, it’s still pretty hard to distinguish between a dildo and a vibrator. But the sex toys today are a lot different, and luckily the quality and functionality have increased a million times.  

Once you’ve explored what makes you tick as mentioned above, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of sex toy will work for you. But let’s break it into main categories and examples. 

Clitoral Stimulators (external) - clitoral stimulators are designed for external use only, and as the name suggests for external clitoral stimulation. You get smaller versions named Bullet Vibrators which are usually the size of a lipstick and mostly battery operated with some being rechargeable. These little guys are stronger than they look and can do wonders for orgasms. They’re also not intimidating so if you’re just starting on this journey it could be your best bet.

Then you get the bigger versions called Wands or Massagers. These are known for their serious vibrations so if you struggle to orgasm because you feel you lack “power” this could be your best option.

Internal Stimulators - These include your traditional dildo’s as well as regular vibrators or a suction cup dildo. Internal stimulators are for vaginal use and simulate you in a conventional heterosexual manner during penetration. If you prefer internal orgasms or would like to explore it further these could be what works for you. The suction cup dildo’s back-end sticks to almost any surface and works well with a shower door or tile if hands-free is your thing.

Dual Stimulators - dual stimulators are designed to stimulate you clitorally and vaginally at the same time. A great example of this is a Rabbit Vibrator. If you’re on the fence about what orgasm you can or can’t achieve these kinds of vibrators are your best bet. 

The New Kid on the Block

Despite the horrible name, The Womanizer is a feat of modern orgasmic ingenuity. If you’re sensitive or struggle to orgasm, this is your best option. It was also designed with multiple orgasms in mind. The device provides touchless stimulation to the clitoris by enclosing your clitoris (without touching it) while gently stimulating it with soft pressure waves.

There’s zero chance of overstimulating like other vibrators as it never actually touches your clitoris. Because everyone is different, the Womanizer Liberty comes with two different sized heads so that every woman can feel comfortable using it.

The main reason I like this toy is that it was designed for women with special care and finesse taken into consideration. This wasn’t a moulded phallic symbol like a dildo; some serious thought went into this which shows me we’re progressing past orgasms as a taboo topic. Female orgasms seem to be receiving the attention and spotlight it deserves. We’re getting there at least. 

Ultimately, you need to find what works for you in terms of shape strength, functionality and psychology. There are more comprehensive sex toy guides you can refer to, but the key is to get your mindset right before anything else. 


The inner workings of the female orgasm might always remain somewhat mysterious, but there’s no reason your body needs to be a mystery to yourself. Orgasms, in short, are a gift and should be seen as such by all. I hope you can use the information in this article to explore your body and orgasms better. More, in this case, is better!

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